Free Set-and-Forget GBPUSD Forex trading system

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like set-and-forget trading systems as they allow me the most important asset of all, ‘time’… you simply put in your orders and off you go about your day. You can log in later or the following day and see how your trades have done. There’s minimal to do and so long as it’s a system with a winning edge, you should find over time that your account is in profit.

One simple and easy set-and-forget trading system I found on the web is the one at each day, the website has a new signal for the GBPUSD forex pair with instructions on where to enter, where the the stop is and where the profit is. You simply put this in your order between 06:00 and 18:00 GMT and off you go about your life.

In it’s lifetime of running, it’s made 2040 pips in total. March so far hasn’t been too good with a -100 pip result. However, it is about the long term and so long as that is positive you’re onto a winner.

Do research and test it for yourself though.. do your own due diligence, ensure that this trading style is for you before you decide to go about it.

Note: I do not have any affiliation to daily20pips.

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