Forex Morning Trade – My Review and findings about this Trading System

There’s been a lot of talk about the Forex Morning Trade automatic trading system saying that it’s been doing well  and making money etc. However, when one reads these things you’ve got to be careful that these are people who are not just marketing people looking to sell the product. You need to ensure that these people are actual users of the product.

So, I went and looked at independent reviews of this product and I only got more excited that I had to purchase this for myself and test it. So far, I’ve been running it for 1 weeks and so far so good.

This week I’ve had:

Monday – win

Tuesday – breakeven

Wednesday – win

Thurs – win

Fri – breakeven

Each win is 40 pips so it’s been a nice 120 pips!

If you are interested in having a look at Forex Morning Trade, click below:

I didi more investigations and the product goes back to 2007 and has been profitable since. What I particular like about this system is that it is simple and set-and-forget (as I wrote in a previous post how I like set-and-forget systems).

If you are looking for the sites where there are independent reviews, see below:

System for Traders has been testing and show Jan is a 65 pip loss, Feb 2011 a +305 pips profit, March 2011 is +225 pip profit! They are 25% up this year on their account using the system. Quite impressive!

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