EOD system – another amazing result – 20 points (80 S&P prices) profit!

Trust my luck, I decided not to trade the EOD system last night to find that it was perfect in it’s trade. If anyone had put on the trade they would be laughing, they would have made 20 points (or 80 Emini prices).

As I mentioned, the system does have a positive expectancy from my backtesting and also through my own live testing over the last couple of weeks.

Since I have been testing the system, I’ve seen only two losses. I didn’t trade the system two nights back and that was the big loser…  however, I am prepared to take only 10 points loss (the system allows for 40!)

I hope to be able to set up some sort of alerting system for people interested in following the system at some stage so you can all get the information as and when it is published!

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Category: EOD SP, Trading