Emini S&P – profitable again today

Two trades today. I shorted at 146925 as I saw the stochastics cross. However, I was a bit conscious that the market was so bullish today and any countertrend would be short lived. I took a measly 3 points.

The next trade was a buy as the price action bounced off the 5 day EMA line. All day it had been above this line. I got in at 146850 with an initial target of 147100.  However, when the market got to  147000, I took profit after seeing a heap of sell orders above this level. As soon as I took profit, the orders disappeared and soon afterwards, the 147100 was hit! Arrrgh!

Anyway, took 10 prices today. Market is now at 147300 so I left 8 prices on the table and possibly more if it continues to rise.

Oh well, another profit day so that’s fine.

Emini S&P - profitable again today

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