Dont go chasing the market – GBPUSD got burnt

The chart is a 5 minute chart of the GBPUSD. I had woken up later today than usual to see that the market had moved. The two horizontal lines show where the long and short entry should have been but as I was late and saw that the market had already moved 25 points away and that I was feeling that I missed out on the short.. I entered a short manually… whilst it did move 30 pips in my direction which would have usually been bagged..  for some reason, my brain wanted more (I had a target of 100 pips – what was I thinking!?)

Well, the extra 30 pip move was the low of the day and the markets soon shot up and hit my stop for a 50 pip loss.

Lesson of the day.. don’t chase a market! If you have missed it, leave it.. there is another trading opportunity the next day.. well, not tomorrow as it’s the weekend.. on Monday!

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