Didnt trade the system today, look what happens!

So, after a period of losing trades, I decided not to trade the system today. However, to see how well it fares regardless of whether I trade it or not, I want to still continue to follow it. In trending markets, I suspect that it works rather well but when the markets are a bit uncertain, is when I don’t do so well. If I can figure out when to not trade the markets, then I can continue with the system.. I do like it’s simplicity and the fact that it’s fire and forget.

Anyway, I didn’t trade the system today. You can see the two lines which is sitting at 14446 and 14396. You can see that it was a really easy day for the system.. a nice push upwards to take 30 pips if I had traded it. As per my post yesterday, I did mention that this would happen!! It’s sods law, the markets are designed to frustrate. However, I have been looking at another system today and did put in a trade, I’ll write about it in a new post. However, for now, see the chart for the day!

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