DDFX – EURUSD – Two more trades taken

There seems to be a trade every couple of days so far with the DDFX system and I took two more over the last couple of days with the EURUSD pair. I got stopped out for my last trade on EURJPY for a 40 pip loss and thought perhaps EURJPY was not a good pair to trade using DDFX, time will tell.

Anyway, there was the entry on the 18th where I went long after seeing two arrows and the trene bars were all pointing towards a move higher so I entered. However, I got stopped out for a 34 pop loss only for the market to pretty much reverse and head upwards which is a tad annoying to say the least.

Perhaps not technically a long trade, I entered again when the blue price bars appeared and all the trend bars were confirmed even though there were no arrows… this trade worked better and worked it’s way up. When I saw the first down arrow I closed.. however, the trend bars didn’t change in colour so I didn’t follow the system for a close correctly so the market may move higher from here afterwards. Anyway, I took 65 pips on this.

Total for the last few days is therefore 31 pips..

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