Daytrading frustration… when to stop?

Today was another disastrous day trading.. I have been trading on/off for over a year on this blog and I still am miles away from being successful. My stint with the trading academy showed signs of success before they terminated my contract (illegally… it’s going through solicitors currently) and recent courses have proved to be fruitful.

I know trading takes a long time to learn and although this blog has been running for over a year, I have actually been trying to trade for much longer than this. It seems that the same mistakes are made over and over again for me and that I never learn a lesson. The problem with trading is that there is no clearcut right or wrong… a winning trade doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good trade or vice versa… a good trade should be a trade which follows your trading plan and this needs to be developed. A trading plan is one which suits your personality and style of trading and then it must work.. however, the learning process is long and the directional path to success in trading is not a straight one but one with many misleading dead end paths.

Anyway, I am as persistent as they come but is there a point where you should say… “enough is enough? I am not cut out for this stuff”…  trading has been the hardest endeavour of my life so far and I can’t even see the light at the end of it.

Anyway, here are my trading entries today…

I bought when I should have sold and sold when I should have bought….. arrrgh! I am -40 for the day. Oh, I just made another trade.. long which then went south for another -20 (which is not on the chart) for -60.

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