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FTSE could explode higher!

So for those following my Tweets, you will have noted that we went Long FTSE after it had found support in the Daily charts. It is now reaching close to it's all time high again and judging from the performance of the US markets I really think it's going to pop upwards and start shooting upwards. If you look at the Weekly chart of the FTSE (below - click for larger image to see the pinbar) you can see that we have an extremely bullish pinbar.. it was all buying. We do have to be wary that we hav

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The Gold Trade that went wrong earlier this week

The Gold Trade that went wrong earlier this week

[caption id="attachment_7654" align="alignnone" width="601"] 14th January 2013 - Gold Trade[/caption] Earlier this week we sold Gold (those that followed my Tweets would have got this info in realtime). The reason for this was for a couple of reasons.. the underlying trend in the Daily charts as you can see had been down and there was a marked resistance line. One the day that I had shorted this, I could see that the price action had reacted to this line and was starting to move lower. Of cou

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First Trade of 2013 – EURUSD short

First Trade of 2013 - EURUSD short

So for those who follow my Twitter feed, you'll note that I shorted the Euro (EURUSD) forex pair last night. The reason why I went short was because you can see that the bullish momentum seemed to have come to a halt... no more upwards movement. Then we got this massive bearish pinbar and that was our cue. I only held the trade from last night but as you can see, it fell like a stone. I don't like hard movements like this as it increases the chances of a pullback before a further movement so

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