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Check out the last few days of daytrading results!

Check out the last few days of daytrading results!

Hi all, I've not been as diligent lately updating the blog with my entries and exits and posting my results. However, rest assured I'm still trading... much more so in fact. I am running a few trading strategies all at once on different markets and it's been working out very nicely so far. On the GBPUSD I've managed to grab around 300 pips. The USDJPY, I've grabbed 50 pips and then some points on the DOW jones. My profit table is looking very nice for the last few days... if only it's a

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EOD system – another amazing result – 20 points (80 S&P prices) profit!

Trust my luck, I decided not to trade the EOD system last night to find that it was perfect in it's trade. If anyone had put on the trade they would be laughing, they would have made 20 points (or 80 Emini prices). As I mentioned, the system does have a positive expectancy from my backtesting and also through my own live testing over the last couple of weeks. Since I have been testing the system, I've seen only two losses. I didn't trade the system two nights back and that was the big lose

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Quick S&P EOD update

Just as I haven't chosen to trade todays short entry at close on the S&P, the market has already moved 4. 5 points (or 18 S&P emini prices) in profit if I had taken the trade! Still early days but it's going the right way. The system has a positive expectancy over time though so to fully get it's real benefits, I should ideally be trading this every day according to plan. The system also sets a 40 point stop which is a lot, I'm only comfortable with a max loss of 10. This, of co

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