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Two losing Trades this week – USDCAD and DOW

Two losing Trades this week - USDCAD and DOW

Unfortunately, I had two losing trades this week...  firstly the USDCAD long I had gone long this pair as it looked as though the downwards momentum had stopped.. I could see some support here. When I got a bullish signal, I entered long. However, this was very short term as the trend was still short and my stop got hit. My next trade was the DOW short: I got a bearish daily pin bar and the market had recently breached higher yet fell.. a bearish signed. I went short.. unfortun

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DOW crashes through previous lows.. it’s going down!

DOW crashes through previous lows..  it's going down!

We've seen the DOW propped by up support around 12400 for all of last week and when it broke today I had a short at 12360 which was trigger. It was looking well and at one point I was already 60 points up. Now the markets always seems to find support at big numbers so at 12300 it bounced. I expected this but with a nice clean break to the downside, I didn't think it would bounce that high. I had an initial 80 point stop which I moved down to entry when the market hit 12300 but then hit exactl

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Futex Trading Academy – my thoughts

Futex Trading Academy - my thoughts

Hi All, The other day I went to the open evening at Futex's London office. I got off at Temple station and walked up.. it was a pleasant few minute walk and it's here: My first thoughts walking into the office was that it was rather small. However, this is the new London office and their main one is in Woking. There were seats for around 15 - 20 stations with multiple screen set ups. Walking through the office space to towards the end I was lead into a room with around 8 - 10 delegates

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