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When can you say that you’re Trading the Financial Markets successfully?

When can you say that you're Trading the Financial Markets successfully?

Hi All Yes, I'm still around and don't post as frequent as I used to but I think that's part of the evolutionary process with regards to trading. Initially, you have so many questions, so many thoughts and just want to document everything. I've felt that I had nothing new to add with regards to new thoughts and experiences as I feel I've gone full circle... my trading is now successful and I've at least experienced and adapted to all the various scenarios which Trading can throw at me. No

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Trading for 2014 and beyond for Make Me Some Money!

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I wish you the very best in your trading for 2014 and beyond! The blog is now almost 7 years old.. can you believe it?  Well, my trading has evolved leaps and bounds over the years and I think it's a thoroughly worthwhile pursuit despite the many years of frustration and losses at the start. These days, I find that it difficult to always update the blog as I'm trading pretty much the same consistent way and although there is always learning to be had,

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How to get over a big loss in Trading

How to get over a big loss in Trading

Unfortunately, trading the markets incurs losses.. there is no way about it.. trading is the art of managing losses. As a new trader or someone learning to trade, you will feel a lot of emotions when you lose money and these emotions will be counterproductive to you making money from the market. It's a funny thing trading psychology...  we have evolved as human beings to be completely crap at trading which is why it's so difficult to do. However, personally, I've found trading to be extreme

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