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How does Clickbank work?

Following my cheques (that's how they're spelt in the UK!), I've had a few people mail me to ask me what Clickbank is and how does it work. Well, for the likes of you and me, Clickbank is a seller of digital delivered products and has two modes of operation. I'll take each in turn. Firstly, for those people who want to sell something electronically (ie software, eBook etc), Clickbank allows you to sell your product through them. This also means for the customer purchasing your book, the r

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Making money with Clickbank – my first payment

Making money with Clickbank - my first payment

My blog is all about making money and although the majority of the posts have been to do with trading the financial markets, I am also trying a lot of other things. Once such avenue is through Clickbank the online seller of electronic products. The nice thing about Clickbank is that you do not need to have your own products, you can simply market other people's products and take a cut on every sale that you make. Of course, you can have your own product too and sell through Clickbank or make

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