Blogging update – Adsense results (after 3 days)

Morning all,

I hope you liked the last post, when I posted it, suddenly I got a lot more readers. The intention of this blog is to provide free real life ideas that you can use to earn an extra buck or two.

I appreciate those who have visited the site and also clicked on the Google adverts to the right of the page.. this is my form of revenue from this blog.

Anyway, I’m into day 3 since I put my site on it’s own host and so far, I’m pleased to say that the results have been pleasing. I’m already $70 USD from the Google Adsense programme from people just clicking on the links. This is great, all that hard work initially to set it up has made it worthwhile.

I read on someone elses blog that the key to it all is to have good quality and informative information. I hope that I’ll be able to do this. I encourage feedback so please drop me a note if what I say doesn’t make sense or you want more clarification.

Oh, I am also listed on Google now, I guess that really helps!

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