Betfair Tennis Trades – Roland Garros

Ok, as I previously mentioned, I was waiting for the first horse race to start at 2pm and I decided to explore other markets to see if any money could be made.

I settled on the Tennis matches the Roland Garros French Open between Falla and Chela. I have no ideas who these guys are (pardon my ignorance) but to make money in Betfair, you don’t actually need to know about them 🙂

All you need to do is to spot that the prices are moving and they were moving all over the place which meant OPPORTUNITIES!

I use a program called A Geeks Toy which can be downloaded from here:

It’s completely free to use so I do and it gives you more information to help you with your Betfair trading. I find the ladder views essential to be able to make money.. I would trade Betfair without some sort of ladder interface. Anyway, you can see the ladder interface below:

You can see the prices at the different price levels. I’m actually look at the match between the two tennis players, Falla and Chela. The top of the picture shows my profits (and losses) and below that, you can see two graphs, these are the tick chart – which shows what the price is doing in the very short term and the pink and blue chart next to it is the Weight of Money (or WoM) chart… I don’t use this at all in my ignorance. Then you have the ladder. At the bottom of the picture you see the Price/Volume over time charts… you can see some pretty significant movements in prices.

So my strategy is to identify the ranges… then I lay them at the lowest prices I can get and back them at the highest prices. After I do this, I click on the Green up button and this distributes the cash so I can win money regardless of what happens.You can see below that this is what I have, a no lose situation regardless of who wins. I can also tweak the prices of by playing around with the back/lay buttons.

You can see all my bets to achieve this outcome below. You can see that I’ve varied my stakes between £20 – £22. The low figure bets  are my hedging amounts (or Greening up) to distribute the money between the positions.

So as you can see from the picture above, if Falla wins the match I win £9.97 and if Chela wins, I get £11.58! No bad huh? We’ve created a no lose scenario!

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