Back from holiday and my thoughts and opinions

Hi all, I am back from my 2 week holiday.. well actually, I had my engagement party out there and I met the inlaws. It was a fantastic experience but I am also glad to be back home to the UK.

I didn’t get much of a chance to check the Internet so I didn’t keep tabs of the markets all that much… to be honest, it was good to get away from it and just really relax.

Anyway, coming back, I’ve found that my Google Pagerank has dropped from 3 to 2..  due to my lack of posts. However, this happened before and shouldn’t take too much work to bring to back.

Back to the limited market knowledge that I have.. oil price has eased off and as a result, the Dow made a huge gain last night, over 300 points. It would be interesting to see what happens today, it maybe a good time for a short as the bears may see that these levels are a great entry.. I may look for a short at below 1278 on the S&P when the market opens. However, last nights move could also signal the start of all the bull cycle again after these past few months of lower market prices.. time will tell.

Ok, I am back and lets get on with the show!!

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