9th Oct – Double whammy with S&P and Forex

Today I thought to myself that I haven’t been giving enough time to trading the Forex markets. The great thing about the Forex markets is that they run 24/7.

Anyway the S&P emini first, the market moved above the resistance level 157000 and I entered at 157050 with a target of 157300 (which was the high a few days before). I made +10 but the market went above 157500 and has since retraced. It could have been a nice 20 prices.

S&P emini - 9th October

I also looked at the Forex markets and made two trades here.. entered long GBPUSD at 2.0336 with a limit of 2.0410. I had a stop at around 2.0265 but have moved this now to entry so I should have a free ride upto the limit order.

9th October GBP USD

I have also entered GBPJPY long at 23865 with a target of 23945 and stop at 23780. I’ll look to trail the stop as it moves about 40 pips in my direction. So far, I’m 20 pips up! Let’s hope it moves up more!

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