24th October – more money opportunities!

I sold the market at 149975. The 150000 line had been a support level and the price action had bounced on this a few times. I had set my entry to just below this level and got it.

I targetted 149625 and it hit this exactly and reversed! Phew!

There was another entry above 150000, could have got in around here to watch it rise to 151000. If I were trading it, I probably would have looked for a target of around 150700. Still, it would have been a profit but I was busy updating the trading entries for last night (oops, I had forgotten) that I missed this trade completely.

Nevermind, I have +14 in the bag today from 1 trade.

(picture to follow – it disappeared from my computer)

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Category: Emini futures, money, Trading