22nd Oct – S&P day trading update

Hi All,

Hope you all are well. The futures market continued to fall since Friday and opened lower. However, today, the market rallied. There were a few opportunities as I got back tonight.

I bought as the market retraced and bounced off the 5 day MA at 151050. I was holding out  for a target of 151450 but it didn’t make it with the swing and I ended up with a scratch trade. I had moved the stop to entry as the market had moved upwards, at one stage I was +11 up on this trade.. nevermind.

My second entry was a short as 150875 with a target of 150525. I hit my target (but I found that my finger kept on wanted to close early.. I’ll have to cut it off if it keeps on doing this!). This was +14.

Total +14 for the day.

22nd Oct - S&P day trading update

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Category: Emini futures, Trading