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This is where I shorted the FTSE

This is where I shorted the FTSE

This was the chart of the FTSE a few days back when I went short... I was seeing some tails on the candlesticks and the market was overbought and looking ripe for a short. Where I went short was a slightly bearish bar despite there being a bullish tail showing buyers. To be honest, I remember feeling a bit overconfident with the trade was I'd been doing so well over the past couple of weeks... The following day was when I felt that I was correct in my analysis as we were rewarded by a bea

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Why I’m Long Crude Oil

Why I'm Long Crude Oil

I'm making some changes on the blog...  I'll post live updates on my Twitter feed, for those who would like to follow, the address is and then I'll post afterthoughts on the blog to talk about why I entered the trade and analysis. So for those that did follow my Twitter account, you would have read that I went long on the Crude Oil (January) contract at a price of 8769 on the 21st November, taking my entry from the Daily chart which looks like this:

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Pinbar entry on AUDUSD nets 50 pips

Pinbar entry on AUDUSD nets 50 pips

So when the markets opened last night, I saw that there was a bullish pin bar. It was very apparently and had a very long tail which signifies strong buying. I tend to trade with the trend using the moving average line to ensure that I only go long when the price action is above the line and short when the price action below. However, when you get such a strong signal I couldn't just leave it. So I was rewarded this morning it started going up...  my initial trade was long at 10354 with

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