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More Betfair Trading with The Geeks Toy

More Betfair Trading with The Geeks Toy

Since the double Bank Holidays in the UK, I've been anxious to get back into trading and as I mentioned in my previous post, I had a look at The Geeks Toy which is a bit of software which plugs into Betfair. Betfair has a heap of different markets to play with and using The Geeks Toy, I've been playing around with the horse racing markets. They are good fun and it is possible to make money on them (unlike the Casino games which are also good fun but I can never win any money on them.. I need to

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Some Betfair trading today

Some Betfair trading today

I mentioned that I don't do any Forex trading during the bank holidays and I got so bored so I thought I'd go back and play around with Betfair again. I also found a brilliant bit of software called The Geeks Toy which is a Betfair plugin and it's completely free... it's not cut down in any way that I can see. However, it also does require some getting used to and I'm so impatient that I just had to have a play with real money. I funded my account with £100 and played with £2 stakes on the ho

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Traders Magazine – May 2011 out now!

Traders Magazine - May 2011 out now!

My favourite trading magazine Traders is out now. You can get it for Free through this link: Trader Magazine - May 2011 This month, they have: The truth about Hedge Funds Spotting trading opportunities using correlations Holding positions overnight, is it profitable statistically? The Precision Momentum Strategy + the usual columns - reviews, trader interviews etc Enjoy!

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