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Long EURUSD at 1.4175

There was a huge drop with the EURUSD and my system had indicated a short entry at 1.4270.. this would have been a lovely entry and very profitable.. however, as you know, I work a 9-to-5 job so was unable to enter. However, my long at 1.4241 last night with an exit price of 1.4290 yield a nice 49 pips. I have just entered long 1.4175 now with a stop at 1.4135.. let's see how it goes...

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Making it as a trader!

Sorry I haven't been updating the blog for a while but everything has been really hectic! I am getting married very soon and have a lot of wedding preparations. In addition, work has taken over the rest of my waking time. I was doing extremely well trading the Forex markets and then, a glut... my trades were rubbish and I was losing money. From a 11 trade winning streak to a good run of losses... what was going on? I search high and low for an answer, I look at myself to see what was going on

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