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Million Dollar Traders – New TV programme

There is a new TV programme on tonight on called Million Dollar Traders which is the British equivalent of the Wall Street Warriors programme in the US. However, the difference with the UK one is that each one of them are rookies and the experiment was to see if it is possible train up 8 people from the streets for two intensive weeks and then allow them to run their own $1 million hedge fund for two months. They were selected in Spring 2008 (just prior to the credit crunch)..... This

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Run Metatrader and Expert Advisors without having to leave your computer on

A long time ago, I wrote about automated trading, how you could run a 'trading robot' on your trading platform and it would open and close your trades for you automatically. This was completely automated and works great.. the only annoying thing is that you need to keep your computer on for the 'trading robot' to function. If you want to read that post again, go to: Anyway, I found a compa

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The trading mistake that made me money

The trading mistake that made me money

First real day back in the markets and obviously keen to get back in..  I went long GBPJPY but suffered from fat fingers and made the mistake of going in a 20x my usual size!! Yes, unbelievable but true and for a while I sat there in misbelief about how stupid I was. Then the price action started to move upwards and I was quickly sitting on profit.. despite the market moving just 10 points before I closed out (due to fear!), I made the equivalent of 200 points in this short space of time! Howev

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