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FTSE100 perfect technical trading

FTSE100 perfect technical trading

I had my day off today so I thought I would look at the charts for some trades early in the day before I went to the new Westfield shopping centre which has opened up in London. The FTSE100 obeyed some nice technical signals I was able to capitalise... not to it's full potential but still, it's nice when you get a perfect technical day. The first thing was the previou low of around 4200 at 8.30am when the market tested the level and bounced to 4240.. it then started to fall and for an inst

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GBPJPY short term short – scalp

GBPJPY short term short - scalp

I saw a shorting opportunity today when the GBPJPY had fallen and rebounded... I shorted on the rebound and it fell 70 points... hoorah! I got in at 158.66 and got out at 157.96.. all in a matter of 15 minutes or so. I don't want to speak to soon but lately my trading has been going quite well, I am far more picky with my trades and very careful when putting them on. The initial trade was with a 50 point stop and 100 point target.. however, in the market you need to be flexible where you c

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The right thing to do.. USD/JPY

The right thing to do.. USD/JPY

It seems like I did the right thing when I close my trade previously.. the market has dropped like a stone.. it's a shame I didn't enter the short as it would have been a nice trade!

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