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Rainbow Road – The Free Forex alerts blog

Hi All, As mentioned in my 'trading' page, for Forex, when I have time I try to follow Simon Grinter's alerts. I am on his email listing and when he trades, he sends an alert to my mobile and right now, it's totally free! It's fantastic. His track record has been pretty good in general and overall, he seems like a geniune nice guy who wants to help. His blog at Rainbow Road details his trade alerts when they happen. It's well worth a look... I don't a

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13th November – S&P emini charts

13th November - S&P emini charts

Hi All, Unfortunately, I had to do some shopping in preparation for my holiday. I will be out from Friday for a week in Hong Kong. I will have access via Blackberry but will leave the trading behind. I will be bringing a couple of trading books with me though to read on the flight and if I get a quiet moment. Anyway, I did go back and look at the charts today and what a move.. the US markets have rocketted. As you know, I get home at 6.30pm GMT time and there were no triggers to enter. If

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