1st November – S&P emini trading – what a move!!

Hi All,

Sorry I have been out of the trading for a couple of days.. my normal 9-to-5 has been completely hectic and I’ve got home late. There has also been a couple of leaving dos and I’ve come back exhausted.

 Anyway, I’ve come back home today to find that the markets have plummetted. A huge loss.

I feel slightly out of sync with the markets and there were some opportunities but I should have honed in on but I didn’t. Anyway, I still made a profit today.

Ok, first trade, I saw that the market in the 5 mins had broke through the 5 day MA and looking to make a swing high. I got in at 152825 and took profit at 153000.

The trade was pretty tight as the day trend is down and playing countertrends can be dangerous.

The 153000 range made a second top, the stochastics were set up for a sell also but I didn’t feel 100% and I left it. Darn, it would have been a fantastic trade also.

 Anyway, I entered again as the market broke below previous support at 152250. I entered short on 152200 and closed at 152000. I saw lots of volume here and was thinking that we could see a pullback.

Anyway, a profit of 16 prices.. could have been more but a profits a profit!

1st November - S&P emini trading - what a move!!

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