15th October – Daily S&P EOD system results & comments

Morning all,

Remember my last post regarding the EOD S&P system where I mentioned that the system reported a sell signal with a target at 1547. The previous close price was 1561 so I thought that this figure was a bit too far away considering that the market was quite high.

Early this morning, I did in fact sold the S&P and the market did infact fall. I took profit when I made 6 points (24 equivalent S&P prices).

I felt rather proud of myself and then the market fell further and would have made the target at 1546!! Wow, I very impressed that the system predicted the direction of the market and if I had not closed, I would have made 12 points!!

Anyway, today, the market is a long at the close with a target at 1553.3 .. ok, it’s not far away but this could be a bounce before greater falls.

So far with the system, 6 out of 6 wins! Very impressive! I have only traded 4 of them though and made a profit each time!

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Category: EOD SP, Trading