14th September – S&P Emini futures trading log – Neither here or there..

Hi All,

Just a quick update… I made a couple of trades today.. first one was when the market broke higher. I went long here but unfortunately the market didn’t want to go any higher.. I ended up with a -8 loss.

Then I went long at 149500 with a stop at 149350 and a limit at 149950. However, as the market was moving up, I trailed my stop to prevent my profit becoming loss. It eventually hit my trailing stop and I ended up with +8.

However, if I had left it, my target would have been hit and I would have had a net total today of +18 or so!

It’s quite annoying when this happens.. I’ve missed out on some good profits over the last few days but with trading, sometimes a trailing stop will prevent you from achieving the results you’re hoping but other times, without them your account would have taken a complete beating without it! There’s no right or wrong, just the end result which is a positive amount.

My account started off at $100,000 USD and now sits at $98,500. Ok, it’s a bit lower than where it started off but I have been quite careful (well mostly)!! Upwards and onwards!

14th September - S&P emini futures trading

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