12th November – S&P Emini – Found my form again

Evening all,

The last week has been a rollercoaster of trading emotions and form. I’ve done really bad last week and starting gambling in the biggest possible way! This was bad news and lead to my biggest loss in one day to date!

Anyway, today has result in the biggest win to date for me. I got a huge +37 prices and it felt great! :)

I shorted two contracts at 145975 which was below the 146000 neckline and took them both down to 145600. This resulted in +30.

Then I scalped a couple of trades… in reality, if I had just left the first one to run, it would have made target and I would be another +13 up.

My scalps were a short at 145775 to 145675 and then a short at145650 and closed at 145575. I initially opened these two with a target of 145325 and a stop of 145900 (which was never hit after they were put on).

12th November - S&P Emini - Found my form again

I hope I can keep this up!! :)

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