100 points on Silver today but left quite a bit on the table

Today was a straight forward trade.. I put an order to short Silver 10 points below the previous support as you can see below and put a 100 point limit on it.

It worked like a treat and I got my 100 points relatively easily but the market continued without me. As I write, Silver is at 31.44 meaning that I left more than 50 points on the table.

I do find it very difficult to know where best to take profits.. I’ve done the take 100 points in the past to find it ends up like today, it moves further down. At other times, I leave the stop in place and leave it and there have been occasions when the market has indeed gone 100 points and then retrace to hit my stop. There’s no right or wrong in trading but putting on the limit amount stunted my profits by 50% today! Ugh!

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