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Weekly Trading Review – week ending 11th July 2014

Weekly Trading Review - week ending 11th July 2014

So this week was quite an adventure with Crude Oil. I had a long trade outstanding from last week. I had gone long at point 1 in the chart. You can see that, at the time, the price action was right at support (as designated by the blue line). If you believed that the uptrend was intact, as I did, you would have gone long. However, I was proved wrong as you can see and my stop got hit for -111. However, as it was a significant support/resistance line and it got broken, I felt that this was surely

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FTSE could explode higher!

So for those following my Tweets, you will have noted that we went Long FTSE after it had found support in the Daily charts. It is now reaching close to it's all time high again and judging from the performance of the US markets I really think it's going to pop upwards and start shooting upwards. If you look at the Weekly chart of the FTSE (below - click for larger image to see the pinbar) you can see that we have an extremely bullish pinbar.. it was all buying. We do have to be wary that we hav

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My New Trading Systems Book available on Amazon!

My New Trading Systems Book available on Amazon!

Hi All, I'm proud to present to you FINALLY my Trading Systems book on Amazon! This is a collection of the Trading Systems which I've tested and used over the span of 7 years since I started this blog. What I have learnt about trading is that you need to find a system that suits both your personality and the time you have to trade. This book caters for this... if you're someone who is time limited and only want to put on trades with minimal management or someone who wishes to place trade

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