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How to get over a big loss in Trading

How to get over a big loss in Trading

Unfortunately, trading the markets incurs losses.. there is no way about it.. trading is the art of managing losses. As a new trader or someone learning to trade, you will feel a lot of emotions when you lose money and these emotions will be counterproductive to you making money from the market. It's a funny thing trading psychology...  we have evolved as human beings to be completely crap at trading which is why it's so difficult to do. However, personally, I've found trading to be extreme

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Developing your Trading Psychology

Developing your Trading Psychology

For those that haven’t come across Trading Psychology yet, this is something you need to know if you are to be successful at trading. It would take a whole book to give you an intro to it so I recommend reading a couple of books… Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas, anything by Van Tharp and Brett Steenbarger For those that do know about Trading Psychology, you’ll remember that having the right Trading Psychology is 80% towards your success towards financial trading. Some people think i

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Trading GBPJPY – Frustration and Trading Psychology

Trading GBPJPY - Frustration and Trading Psychology

The GBPJPY trade. I went long GBPJPY the other day and initially, we got a great move.. up 50 pips. I expected the movement to go up much more and 50 pips is a relatively small move in the GBPJPY market. In the afternoon, the price action stalled and fell and then bounced. I felt that the price action wasn’t clean and as a result I closed off the trade with an approx 50 pip loss as I anticipated uncertainty. This morning, there were further falls and I felt great that I had got out of t

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