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Two losing Trades this week – USDCAD and DOW

Two losing Trades this week - USDCAD and DOW

Unfortunately, I had two losing trades this week...  firstly the USDCAD long I had gone long this pair as it looked as though the downwards momentum had stopped.. I could see some support here. When I got a bullish signal, I entered long. However, this was very short term as the trend was still short and my stop got hit. My next trade was the DOW short: I got a bearish daily pin bar and the market had recently breached higher yet fell.. a bearish signed. I went short.. unfortun

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Trusting your Trading System

Trusting your Trading System

Today was a disastrous day for one of my trading systems. Let me describe below how I usually trade the system. The horizontal lines are my buy and sell lines, if the market goes above the top line, I buy and if the market goes below the bottom line I sell. The stoploss in either case is 20 pips and the limit order or potential profit is 40 pips. However, you can see today that the market was rather choppy and the short was initiated first but it never hit the limit before it shot up, hit

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Your New Trading System – what not to do!

Your New Trading System - what not to do!

Trading is a difficult game and most people find it difficult to take a loss of any sort. The problem with trading is that losses are inevitable in trade. Does the below sound like you? (I took it from a newsletter I receive but thought it was a great article!) So you've invested in the new trading system and you're raring to go... The post arrives and you rip open the package. You digest the contents of the guide with your coffee, boot up your laptop and you're ready for action.

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