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I am still trading the S&P

I am still trading the S&P

For those who follow the blog, you've noticed that the past few weeks I've not put on too many S&P trades. The reason being is that it is too easy to lose on the S&P (well, that's what I find but that could be because I'm not too hot a trader)...  anyway, I have been watching every day as usual but just been really careful and I am trying to only enter if I see an entry based on price action. In the past, I have been putting on trades when I am anticipating a move as the stochastics

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Emini trading – profitable but could have been more!

Emini trading - profitable but could have been more!

I went long at the break of the previous high in the S&P at around 1378... I actually got in at 1379.48 due to the spreadbetting spreads which you pay rather than their commission charges... they move their spreads about meaning that you can lose half a point (in S&P terms) per transaction... and upto a while point when doing a round trip. Anyway, the market went up and I got out at 1381.53 (I actually closed when the chart reached 1382 which was my target exit) for the equivalent of

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Trading update! Where have i gone?

Hello all, sorry there has been no update for a while. I am trying to get myself set up again with a trading account with Interactive Brokers and to also find a suitable charting platform. The trading academy have closed my account and I had got used to their charts. I want to recreate the same look and feel with another platform so am searching for something. Something which I have used is the Sierra Charts platform. I do have charts on my spreadbetting platform, however, they are rather clu

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