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Shorted DOW after it’s retracement

Shorted DOW after it's retracement

The DOW was clearly in a downtrend today but when I got to the charts, it was retracing and I looked for an entry to go short. I went short around 10610 after the retracement make a double top in the 5 minute charts (also stochastics has peaked). The first support line was at the pivot point S2 but nothing happened and the market broke through this relatively easily. I was also conscious that stochastics were at a low too and would look to making some move upwards so when the market hit 10585, I

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More stock market carnage

More stock market carnage

I read officially that we are in bear market territory, this is where the markets have fallen 20% from their highs... the state of the economy is not looking good and the financial sector especially is takingĀ a bashing. However, I took a few scalp trades today... I am having some real problems holding trades which is my biggest weakness in the markets... trading psychology plays a huge part and I am letting myself down when the markets are going my way.. I feel inclined to take a profit whic

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Caution in the markets

Caution in the markets

I have been rather cautious with my trading as the markets seem extremely volatile whipsawing as uncertainty seems to take grip. As a result, I have been extremely selective in my trading and hence the rather less frequent updates on the website. However, on Friday, I did make a trade on the AUD/USD forex chart. I traded this as I saw negative divergence on in the 4 hour chart on the stochastics as the market had hit a second high at around 0.9630. The stochastics also crossed and my trend si

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