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Bullish Pinbars on Silver chart but Price not following!

Bullish Pinbars on Silver chart but Price not following!

On the 4th of February we saw our first bullish pinbar and I went long at this point. I knew that there was some resistance at 3220 but the underlying trend looked bullish. The next day the price did go up around 30 points and then again, we got another bullish pin (two pinbars, surely a very positive sign) off the moving average. At this point I was expecting a huge move up but the following day we got a strong sell day. My trade is still in and my stop is at 3115. I really don't know where

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Silver Trade – Good time to get out I think

Silver Trade - Good time to get out I think

I entered long silver last night. From the chart, it looked like the price action was retracing before a further move upwards. Something which has been bothering me lately are my exits so I think I am going to open two trades and close one when my usual signals tell me to and then try and hold the other trade for bigger gains. So I was long silver twice at 3243 with a stop at 3194. When I woke up in the morning, the price had bottomed at 3220 and I thought it would then move up. It starte

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Silver Trade

Silver Trade

The markets have taken a bashing of late and extremely oversold.  Silver has had 10 straight down day and you would expect a bounce. Two nights ago there was a pinbar showing support and then the following day, a green bull bar. I bought at the close of this bar at 28.05 and it rode up nice today. I closed out today at 28.76 for 71 points. I closed for two reasons... the market is still in a downtrend and after a weekend, anything can happen with the markets. It was nice to grab 71 po

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