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Weekly Trading Review – week ending 11th July 2014

Weekly Trading Review - week ending 11th July 2014

So this week was quite an adventure with Crude Oil. I had a long trade outstanding from last week. I had gone long at point 1 in the chart. You can see that, at the time, the price action was right at support (as designated by the blue line). If you believed that the uptrend was intact, as I did, you would have gone long. However, I was proved wrong as you can see and my stop got hit for -111. However, as it was a significant support/resistance line and it got broken, I felt that this was surely

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Trading for 2014 and beyond for Make Me Some Money!

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I wish you the very best in your trading for 2014 and beyond! The blog is now almost 7 years old.. can you believe it?  Well, my trading has evolved leaps and bounds over the years and I think it's a thoroughly worthwhile pursuit despite the many years of frustration and losses at the start. These days, I find that it difficult to always update the blog as I'm trading pretty much the same consistent way and although there is always learning to be had,

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Sorry for lack of Updates

Sorry for lack of Updates

Apologies for those who have been following my updates on Twitter and then coming to the site to find that I've not updated the blog to go through the trades. Trading for me is becoming more stringent in the way that i select my trades.. my ruleset for trading has been greatly narrowed and overall, it seems to be working out. Posting why I've traded a particular trade is pretty repetitive as I am following the same ruleset time and time again to enter my trades. I do have the tendency to pu

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