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10 winning trades in a row…

10 winning trades in a row...

Yes believe it or not... I have a 10 straight win success rate so far with my trading. I just closed my GBPJPY trade for 35 points. It could lower from here (and probably will) but I have taken my profits. I went short at 14863 and got out at 14828. The reason why I took profits was that I expected a greater breakdown of the price action below 14832 which was the previous intraday bottom.. it sell below this and just stalled. Usually, a break above the previous low would mean a very quick fal

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A couple of profitable Forex trades

A couple of profitable Forex trades

I just closed out a couple of trades for a +37 and +49 profit... I have already broken the rule from my previous email which says that I should run with winners and close out losers. I have closed out my winners here but at least, it was in profit.

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