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DDFX trades – July 2011

DDFX trades - July 2011

I realised that although I had taken screenshots of the DDFX charts over the past couple of weeks, I hadn't posted them all up on the blog. So here are a couple of annotated charts taken using the DDFX system: EURJPY - 22nd to 28th July You can see where I was uncomfortable with taking the short signal. I didn't like how the sell arrows were staggered and by the time I got all 3 arrows, the market had already moved somewhat too far already. Shortly afterwards, I get a 'buy' signal... thoug

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When Trading is the Most Frustrating thing…

When Trading is the Most Frustrating thing...

A trade that I still have open is the one below. I had went long at 14438 earlier today on the EURUSD and saw that it had failed to go above 14500 and it did make me think if I should close the trade for a healthy 55 pip profit. However, for this trade, I was looking at the 4 hour and the Daily Charts to gauge an entry and they are still telling me that the market is still in an uptrend... I sure hope so. As you can see from the below chart taken at 22:10 UK time, the price action has fallen all

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My Commando Assault on the Markets today!

My Commando Assault on the Markets today!

Today was a good day for me on the markets even though I started off with a loss.. I was look for a short entry below the support line 16405 and the first time it did this it didn't stay below this line for long.. bouncing up and hitting my stop for a 20 pip loss. The second time however, it did continue to fall and it reached my 40 pip target. Total for GBPUSD was 20 pips. My third trade today was a long FTSE100 trade at 8am. I had my stop 20 pips away which got so close to hitting bu

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