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US Bank Holiday – leave the markets alone!

It's the US Bank Holiday today.. in these times, the volume is light and it's easy to get spiked out so it's not worth committing any money. There was no real movement today, market just bounced about doing nothing in particular..  I'll be back tomorrow!

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15th Feb – A whole trading day! S&P emini futures trading

15th Feb - A whole trading day! S&P emini futures trading

Every now and again I get a Friday off and if I have nothing on, I dedicate this day to trading the S&P emini futures contract. Sometimes the problem with just trading the evening session is that I find that I have missed the days major move and then I get into the market wanting to grab some profits which I should have if i were trading the whole session. Although I ended up down today, I didn't feel all that frustrated. I felt that I was able to read the market. I did make some mistakes

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Conflicting signals

Conflicting signals

I came back today usual time! The market was a down day, so the idea is to sell at the pullbacks. When the market had bounced off 135175 at around 6pm GMT, the market went high and made a doji candlestick pattern. The doji candlestick could signify a reversal and it could have potentially been a good idea to short it. However, I didn't as the stochastics were moving upwards in the 5 mins. The 15 mins were showing the chart in oversold territory which made me cautious about trading it. Therefo

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