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USDJPY Pinbar trade yields Pips!

USDJPY Pinbar trade yields Pips!

I like pinbars as they show strong buyers (or sellers) in the market. It was last Thursday when I went long USDJPY after the bullish pinbar. The market though had been in a downtrend so it was a risky play but the market was oversold and I was expecting a bounce at some stage. Anyway we went long expecting a movement the following day.. however, that didn't happen. On Friday, the market pushed down and when the markets opened over the weekend, the price action pushed almost to the low of

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208 pips on AUDUSD

208 pips on AUDUSD

Our trade for the week was the long of AUDUSD. If you looked at the previous post you can see why I went long..  it was the pinbar plus the weekly chart showed an area of support where the market went a few hundred points up the last time it hit this area. I still think that AUDUSD could go higher from here, my actual limit stop was at 9695 but with the weekend coming up and me not liking holding trades over this period, I thought it would be a good place to take profit. There's always a ris

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Sorry not updated the blog but here’s tonight’s Trade – Long AUDUSD

Sorry not updated the blog but here's tonight's Trade - Long AUDUSD

Hi Everyone, I'm really sorry that I've been away for a while.. I've been rather busy with quite a few projects. It's all very exciting and I hope I can continue updating this blog and keeping you updated. I have been trading on/off lately and after going through a period where the results weren't too great, I'm happy to say that I'm back on form and disciplined. I'll write more about that another time but today I just wanted to let you know of my long entry on AUDUSD this evening. On t

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