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My Simple and Profitable Betfair Strategy

My Simple and Profitable Betfair Strategy

I was out all day today and don't like to trade the financial markets if I don't have my charts in front of me. However, I do like to look at Betfair when I'm on the road using my iPhone. There's a wonderful app called iBetMate which you can find here: Anyway, I was thinking about what would be good to bet on and below is how I did. Four bets and four wins. Each bet stake was £10 so in total £40 on the table but I made almost a 50% return on my money. The system I

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Todays Betfair Scalping

Todays Betfair Scalping

Sorry about the lack of updates recently.. I've been on a course for 3 weeks which was totally taking up all my usual trading time. Anyway, I am back and I played around with Betfair and the Betgizmo interface. I've written about Betgizmo, it's a free Betfair API which is a competitor to the paid Betangel software. The only thing which would be useful that Betgizmo doesn't have is the stop loss function that Betangel has. Anyway, I was scalping the Horse Racing markets today using the ladders

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Murray vs Troicki – Making money betting on the Tennis Game with Betfair

Murray vs Troicki - Making money betting on the Tennis Game with Betfair

Another tennis match which I played with on Betfair. My strategy was based on looking at the Price/Volume chart. You can see previously that the market had gone all the way out to almost 7 previously before coming back down. When I saw that the price looked as though it was going out again, I laid £20 at 3.45. My back point was just before the height of the previous peak at 7 so I put my order to back at 6.4 (but I got 6.8) which gave me a free ride. I then greened up the amount for an average

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