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Automated Forex Trading System – FXCM

Automated Forex Trading System - FXCM

I am finding trading quite difficult lately.. the techniques which I have been trading with have not been doing so well and as a result, my account has plummetted. I wrote around December/January time that my account had reached all time highs.. the market was really good with me and I made a killing.. however, the market has changed and what I was doing which worked before, doesn't work any more... trading really is tough! Also, it is hard to find the time to stalk and wait for these opportu

February 25, 2009 2 Comments Full Story

Run Metatrader and Expert Advisors without having to leave your computer on

A long time ago, I wrote about automated trading, how you could run a 'trading robot' on your trading platform and it would open and close your trades for you automatically. This was completely automated and works great.. the only annoying thing is that you need to keep your computer on for the 'trading robot' to function. If you want to read that post again, go to: Anyway, I found a compa

January 9, 2009 No Comments Full Story