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Text Link Ads do work!

Text Link Ads do work!

Althought 90% of the blog here is about my financial trading on forex (or indices), I originally set up the blog to capture all my money making ideas on the Internet. Trading is what I am truly passionate about which is why I trading the markets every day. However, as an entrepreneur, I have also monetised my blog sites (Make Me Some Money isn't the only blog that I own). I have Google Adsense set up, sponsorships and Text Link Ads. For most people Google Adsense is the top money earner fo

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Get paid for EVERY visitor to your site!

There comes a time when, as a blog owner, you decide to monetize your blog. Whether it's to pay the electricity bills or hosting the site or even as a salary, the main form of revenue for most bloggers is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ie something like Google's Adsense programme. Google's Adsense programme (and there are many others such as Bidvertiser, Oxado, Clicksor, Chitika etc) basically involves installing some content targetted adverts on your website. Each time a person clicks on an advert you

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