Hi and welcome to my space on the Internet.


I started this blog in 2007 initially to document all the ways I could make money online. However, I soon realised that the financial markets are what fuelled the passion inside me and the blog soon became a trading blog where I would log all my experiences, trades and thoughts about trading.


It has been a long journey, I have tested hundreds of trading systems,  been to countless seminars, paid for many courses, read hundreds of trading books and articles and, of course, blew through quite a few accounts!


However, I feel that I have popped out the other side finally successfully. I’ve been able to trade consistently now for a quite a while…  I do still get losing days and weeks but overall, I’m definitely making progress. I’ve not yet recovered all the money I’ve lost testing and ‘gambling’ before but it’s fast getting there. It feels great to finally get there.. it has taken me over 10 years. Though I started the blog in 2007 and this was when my interest in trading the financial markets had gathered enough momentum, I had first got interested in 2001.


For those visiting, feel free to read my blog entries – you can access them by clicking on the tab Blog Posts or just click here… you can use the search or calendar to locate my various blog entries. I don’t tend to write so much these days as I’m always trading now and feel that that I don’t have all too much to say that I haven’t already in previous posts.


If you do want to see my live updates, follow me on Twitter – https://twitter.com/makemoneyalan

So besides the trading, I am looking at other projects including writing more books, my first one on trading you can find here (UK people click hereUS people click here).. I am going to look at perhaps providing a signal service, perhaps a course.. I don’t know yet but what this space!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the Contact Me page


Best Wishes,


Alan – June 2015



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