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Emini S&P trading – choppy day and some lessons learnt

Emini S&P trading - choppy day and some lessons learnt

The first thing I think about today after my trading session is the phrase 'choose thy weapon'!!! For those reading, you're probably thinking that I lost the plot but bear with me. Today was another disastrous day but it wasn't my discipline and trading to blame. Trading is like going to war, you're fighting to claim your piece and it's important that whatever weapon you use (in a war) that you know how to use it and know it's limitations. When I say weapon, in terms of trading, I am ta

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Trading is Easy*

Trading is Easy*

* In hindsight!! Yes, it's true.. when you look back on charts you think to yourself.. wow, the charts did this and I would have entered here and exited here. It was obvious as the stochastics turned right at my entry and once again when I exited. However, when trading live and watching the markets bounce around, it isn't as easy as you think to pull it off. The indicators are lagging so they do not form until after the move. Then you have your trading psychology to deal with and this d

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