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S&P EOD – what if I had traded the system?

As mentioned earlier this morning. I did not trade the S&P EOD system which I had recently acquired. I also mentioned that it was -5 this morning. However, the stoploss wouldn't have hit but the target would have! Amazing! If I had traded it, I would be +5 points (20 prices) up already! So far, it would be 3 out of 3 wins on the EOP S&P system

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S&P trading update

Hi All, The US market took a huge stumble last night and broke through a key support level.. this means that I expect further falls. The S&P EOD day system came up with a buy last night but due to the above, I didn't feel comfortable with a long entryso left it. Phew, I'm glad I did as it's already 5 points down from last night. I did trade the S&P emini last night and made a small gain. I didn't capture the whole move though I was well positioned to. My short entry was perfect.

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